A Place Called Home LLC goal is to support our residents as they navigate the challenging transition from prison or jail back to the community and help them overcome the many barriers to successful reentry. So that motivated individuals, who have served their time and paid their debt to society, are able to compete for a job, attain stable housing, support their families and contribute to their communities. A Place Called Home LLC works to increase our growth, awareness, and proficiency in providing re-entry services.

The transition from a life of being incarcerated to a life back into society isn’t as easy as many people think. There are a multitude of challenges that these individuals face every day. They may be free, but freedom isn’t always so simple. Not only is there a significant adjustment to being independent, there are oftentimes many of the same temptations that they fell prey to before lurking around the corner. Without the right support, returning to crime is sometimes the easiest path to take. Based off my experience, improving the justice system is removing housing discrimination and providing more jobs to returning citizens.Re-entry is one of the most successful tools that can be provided to returning citizens that will help decrease over-incarceration, reduce recidivism, boost our state economic system and increase public safety in our communities.
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To reintegrate returning citizens into the community, reduce prison recidivism, and improve public safety through addressing the educational, employment, healthcare, housing, and family relationship needs of prisoners re-entering society by providing support, the tools  and connection to needed services in the community, to be productive citizens.

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Our vision is to foster a world where all who are formerly incarcerated will thrive as positive, contributing members of society and live dignified lives.