At A Place Called Home LLC , we’ve work with tons of individuals in our residential programs to guide individuals on how to live positive and productive lives as returning citizens. Here are a couple of stories from recent clients.

After doing 20yrs in prison, I had no real support and every program I reached out to wouldn’t give me a second chance. During my time spent at A Place Called Home LLC I was giving hope. Staff helped me get my state ID, social security card, birth certificate, clothes, made a resume together with the skills I learned when I was in prison. I was even provided transportation to my job interviews. Now I’m working and have my own place. Thanks Ms. Z!


I once felt like if I have paid my debt to society, why is my crime being constantly held over my head. At A Place Called Home LLC, I was given all of the resources and tools to get back on my feet. I’m thankful for all of the support.

— Art

At A Place Called Home LLC, I was treated like family and that’s something I always wanted.

— Richard Ealy

If it wasn’t for the staff at A Place Called Home LLC I’d be back in the penitentiary.

— Benjamin Walker